Transfer a Domain Name

To transfer a domain name to us is a simple process.

The start of the process begins when you sign up. We will notify your current provider that you wish you transfer.

In order to complete the transfer you need to notify your current provider that you approve the change. This can vary from provider to provider, however we will help guide you through the process.

Generally, most transfers will be completed within 72 hours, most of the time its quicker than that.

For other domain names this can take the full 72 hours to complete, dependant on who the provider is.

For a domain name transfer there is no charge.

When the domain name is transferred over the renewal date will remain the same. For example, if your domain name renewal date is 31.12.18 and you transferred it to us on 31.06.18, your renewal date will be the 31.12.18. When the time comes to renew, we will send you an invoice.

For support with regards to your domain name please visit the Nominet website.

For any other domain name ending in anything other than, prices vary. Please contact us to find out what they are.

Transfer a Domain Name